Designtek Key Personal


Keith Turner – Director of Designtek

Keith has had extensive experience in the construction industry across a wide variety of construction related fields (Principal Consultant, Project Management, Building Design). His experience provides a broad perspective on the challenges that face all forms of commercial and residential development and the skills to provide innovative solutions to meet your brief and budget.

Keith has completed and Associate Diploma Civil Engineering, Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology, Bachelor of Building Surveying. Keith holds an Open Building Design Licence and a Low Rise Builders Licence. Keith is also an Endorsed Sustainable Building Designer.

Glenn Thomasson – Director of Designtek

Glenn has extensive experience in building design and has a passion for commercial development. With a can do attitude and a good work ethic, Glenn applies himself 100% to every project he undertakes to achieve the best results possible. Glenn has completed a Bachelor of Building Design and holds an open Building Design Licence.

Kurt Wooldridge – Senior Designer / Project Manager

Kurt trained in New Zealand where he successfully completed his National Diploma in Architectural Technology. Working for a number of years for a New Zealand developer he gained experience in quality architectural documentation and project management of residential developments. Kurt’s hands on approach to the Building Process from concept through to completion has allowed him to develop an eye for detail and become a skilled building designer beyond his years.

Kuan Lu

Kuan was originally born in China, he went to New Zealand at a young age, completed Bachelor of Architecture degree with honours and obtained his design license before settling in Australia. His extensive experience on commercial and residential projects, proficiency with visualization softwares and austere work ethic has allowed him to communicate both from technical and graphical level, delivering distinctive design, rational planning and photo-realistic visualizations even under the most stringent time frame.